Hi. I am called Brandylion which they pronounce bran de lin with emphasis on the "de" when I'm bad and the "bran" when I'm good. Sometimes they call me Brandy, dog, Border Collie, hey you, and other assorted grunts and groans. I am a Border Collie and part Australian Shepherd which put the dots on my nose. We Border Collies are the most intelligent animals on the planet and to show how smart we are, I have my own home page. I am famous now now that I'm on the Internet

My dogmate, who they call Blondie, is with me in the next picture. Blondie is not a Border Collie so she is inferior to me and must be told what to do.. It is a tough job that keeps me busy. By grabbing the stupid dog's big ears, I have complete control and can make sure she goes only where I want.

Sometimes the big stupid lab gets angry at me. Here I show her that if you carry a stick carelessly, any dog, but especially Border Collies, can take it. She gets mad at me when I show her how stupid she is but what can you expect from stupid animals. Pretty soon she will try and bite my head off but I can outrun her laughing the whole time. Stupid dog that Blondie is!

This is my catmate who they call "Moonshine." Although she is smarter and more elusive than the stupid dog, she's still not as smart as a Border Collie! Here I demonstrate the laws of nature and who sits on top of who in the food chain. After several hours of patient stalking, the cat makes her move to find she is no match for a Border Collie.

Follow this link to see both my catmates, Midnight and Moonshine.

And this is what it looks like to be stalked by me.

I bet you would do as I say also.

Here I get caught with some of my dad's slippers and shoes. Although dad is smarter than the cats and dog, dad still isn't as smart as a Border Collie. If he were, he wouldn't have left these tasty morsels lying around for me to feast on. And although I humor him so he thinks he can tell me what to do, he ends up doing what I want anyway.

Sometimes I like to lick and lick and lick everything.

And finally, when danger approaches, Border Collies, being not only intelligent but brave, must put ourselves in harms way. Here I investigate possible danger on the horizon. The stupid lab maintains a position a few paces behind until I have cleared the situation of danger.

I hope you like my home page and if you want to send me e-mail, send it to mea@brandylion.com and my secretary, who maintains that account for me, will deliver the message. Border Collies are too intelligent to waste time typing on a computer and writing HTML. Not that we couldn't figure it out; it's just that we have better things to do.

Although I am famous now, I dedicate my page to a fellow BC who wasn't as lucky as I.